I'm speechless.  I get Kripke refusing to have the show for for more than 5 seasons.  It's a good idea to have it all planned out so the show doesn't end up with two crappy final seasons.

But seriously, Paris Hilton?

That just... my soul... she cries.

Though there is this:

A source close to the show says, "The fans should trust [creator/producer] Eric Kripke."

I'll trust you, Kripke.  But don't let me down.

And keep her away from the boys.  She might... soil... them.

Link to blurb of DOOOOM here.


*runs in circle*

I don't know if you know this, but there's a new show of the SyFy channel (previously SciFi and seriously, why the fuck did they change the name?!  I mean, honestly, that's just... stupid and lame!) called Warehouse 13, which is okay and kinda fun.  Anywho, Joe Flannigan will be on the next episode!


They were showing a teaser for next week, and I saw a dark head and hear the voice *squees and claps*

So if like me you miss seeing our darling John Shep- er, I mean, Joe, because John is fictional, be prepared to see Joe next Tuesday, August 4.

I'm so happy.

In unrelated Alice news, Jensen Ackles made an unscheduled appearance in my dreams last night.  He was clothed and there was not sexy fun, but still.  His prettyness made my night and day brighter.

Okay, so I've heard folks talking about the new television show, "Blood Ties," which is about a vampire named Henry, blah blah blah.


[personal profile] serialbathera wrote a couple drabbles based on the show, and since the show is in it's infancy and it seemed interesting, I thought I'd check it out.

Holy Crap.
The two maled leads?  Serious sexual tension.  Wow.
I mean, damn.
And they guys are soooo hot.  
The dialogue can occasionally be iffy/cliched, but damn are those guys hot!  I mean... boy.  Henry/Mike is my "Bloodties" OTP.  Oh yeah, forget the femaled lead.  The guys are supposedly both all gaga over her, thus the tension between the two.  But I see it as more as sublimated sexual desire.  Because I'm a slash ho.  And because as Kitty Poker agrees, PORN RULES!  ::does a 'yay porn' jig mentally, as the lawyers would probably be disturbed by the jig and the accompanying song::

In other news, my husband was gone last week, up north visiting friends (by which I mean Northern California, not Canada.  Just felt I should clarify).  It was nice to be on my own and not have to deal with my husband's idea of "hey, I drank milk out of this glass and got it all smudged, guess I should wash it via swirling some water around in it."  It really annoys me, can you tell?  Oh yeah, and then I don't have to watch "American Idol."  ::shudders::

In conclusion, I heart slash about male vampires.


According to Variety Magazine, (article linked), various shows have been canceled, but no mention was made of SPN being canceled or in danger of cancellation.
Anways, Variety magazine said:

"With established shows anchoring four nights and providing a launch pad for new programs, we will also have stability on our successful Thursday and Friday lineups."

Yay, SPN is successful!
It's just hard to tell because the CW isn't a huge network, so it's ratings are relatively low, but apparently SPN is good enough performer.
But it's running strong, and most articles said very little about the shows that were successful enough to be kept, and SPN was rarely mentioned.



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