Hot damn I loves me the caffine!  Oh, so beautiful.  I suspect  coffee is made of angel tears. 

Angel tears and crack.  Mmm... crack.

Yeah, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm really jacked on caffine.  No sleep plus much caffine makes Alice something something.

But yay for free food. 

As a legal secretary, I, along with my fellow secretaries, frequently use one deposition service.  And we've used them quite a bit lately, so we've been getting tasty, FREE baked good.  Mini fancy quiches (that's right, fancier quiches than usual), pastries, and muffins.   Mmm... free.

I like free things, can you tell?

Also, I share things of awesomness. 

I had a good time at home and got nice and recharged.  My mom will be coming to the city some time this summer and for her birthday, we'll get tattoos together.  She's not 100% certain as to her design, but I've opted for two tattooos, one on each foot.  One will display kudzu ivy, while the other would have several orchid blossoms.  It's how I roll.  When I'm not sleeping.

In work related news, I posted an entry in March, in which I bitched about coworkers.  Senora gassy's last day is tomorrow (huzzah!) and the super dumb receptionist was fired, and the replacement is awesome and gets all my strange, weird, bizarre jokes.  He's a good kid.

Of interest, if you ever visit the website, the author occasionally displays images of interest.

I found these series of photos to be quite intriguing.

THIS set depicts classic Disney princesses in modern situations, though my personal favorites are Jasmine, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

THIS set depict childhood fears.  Warning: these images are somewhat disturbing.  Also, very image heavy, may cause your computer to pause for a few seconds.

THIS is a BBC article about a lady who got in trouble for being too noisy during sex.  BBC, on one hand, I love you for posting this, but on the other, really?  There wasn't something more important to cover?

And THIS is a movie trailer for the film "Zombieland," which is a humorous look at what will happen after the zombie apocalypse.  Contains an old lady killing a zombie with a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner gag, Woody Harrelson being Woody Harrelson, and people maintaining a semblance of decorum by using hand sanitizer after dispatching the undead.  It is a combination guaranteed to make me at least rent the film.  *nods*

Soooo... that's about it.  Peace out, my peeps.

Okay, so this is from the Daily Mail, which I gather is of the same class as Life and Style magazine.
It's a trash-mag that prints its publication on nice paper, trying to look classy. 
It would be like me trying to look sophisticated by wearing a monacle in addition to my glasses, while wearing a fake moustache and going "harrumph harrumph harrumph" in a stuffy psuedo-British accent.

But I couldn't NOT post a link to this:

Tom Cruise building '£5m bunker to protect against alien attack'

With any other celebrity, this would seem like some far-out crazy idea, but with Tom Cruise, well.  It actually seems like it might happen....


Apr. 24th, 2007 01:32 pm
Okay, so there've been a couple of strange stories down here in the past couple days that I thought I'd share with you.

In one story, the US Coast Guard made a bust, seizing 20 Tons of Cocaine.  I mean, Jesus, that's like five or six elephants worth of cocaine.  Someone lost a lot of money ::snickers::

And the next story, the name gets me.  Apparently, a Sea Elephant named Nibbles, has gone nuts and started attacking and killing wildlife, and even bit a surfer.  So glad I'm not in Sonoma county.


Feb. 21st, 2007 06:38 pm
I just read this, and I
I am just at a loss for words.  I mean, my God.

Sex attacks blamed on bat demon

I'm just... wow.
As you may or may not know, Paris Hilton annoys the living hell out of me and I despise her.  So I'm going to chortle at her misfortune now, and act like a bratty teenager.  So you may not want to read the following if you loathe this brat.

EDIT:  I found this article on excite the morning, proving not only that Paris Hilton is an idiot who believes herself to be the center of the universe, but she really is out of touch with the rest of the world.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - For once, Paris Hilton wasn't happy to be the center of attention. Hours after paparazzi swarmed the Hollywood police station where the celebutante was booked for investigation of drunk driving, she told radio host Ryan Seacrest people were making too big a deal out of her arrest.

"Everything I do is blown out of proportion and it really hurts my feelings," said Hilton, who called the incident "nothing."  (WHAT?!  IMMEDIATLY after being pulled over, Mel Gibson was apologizing, having realize 1: he was an idiot, and 2: drinking and driving is a bad thing.  Apparently, in Paris-land, drinking and drivng isn't a big deal.  It's like eating candy, no big deal, even though she could have killed someone).

Los Angeles police officers stopped the 25-year-old socialite early Thursday morning after she was seen driving erratically, said Officer Marjan Mobasser.

The singer, actress, handbag designer and heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune told KIIS-FM's Seacrest she was on an early morning hamburger run when she was stopped.

Bears Kill Monkey in Zoo

Poor monkey, and poor zoo patrons. I hope there weren't any little kids watching...
Okay, I just... this just scared me. On one hand, I'm glad physical violence wasn't involved, but does anyone else think this mother watched too many Jim Carrey movies?

Mother arrested over laxative cookies

I'm just... gobsmacked...

Dumb Ass

May. 9th, 2006 10:01 am
Okay, so while Shasta is discussing international politics and policy, I'm discussing stupid celebrites... Yeah, deep eh?

Anyways, David Blaine. What the fuck? Remaining submerged under water for a week could lead to brain damage and various other problems. He was warned repeatedly.

David Blaine is a Dumb Ass

He was trying to set a record, and he failed. And I mock him. Because all of his "magic" is comprised of publicity stunts. It makes me pine for the antics of David Copperfield, who at least does cool, useful stuff with his magic tricks.

David Copperfield pulls magic trick during mugging
Oy, this just... man, so much for the magical fruit.

Experts make flatulence-free bean
Police Hunt for Chimps After Fatal Attack

Thats just fucking scary...
What the fuck?

Okay, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin naming their baby Apple was odd, but hey, there is a sweet simplicity to it. However, their son, they freaking named him MOSES!!

I mean, crap! He's going to be teased a lot. With quotes from "The Ten Commandments"
Work is long and tedious, but the people are pretty great. I'm out of the house from 7:45 am to 6:30 pm. Stupid commute.

But I once again found an odd and rather creepy story on BBC online.
Here it is:

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat
Well, life continues to be a boring stress. I am trying to find work, and do little so I don't spend money. Anyways, free is good. Saw a play last week for free, it was this crazy match-up of scenes from two plays, and it was pretty cool. And there was a sex scene! I mean, it didn't shock or disturb my sensabilities, but after only seeing plays in Siskiyou county, it was surprising.

As I've mentioned, L works at an entertainment law firm. They claim to not be corporate, but they represent clear channel, so whatever. Anyways, the firm does contracts for shows as well, and so they get a bunch of free tickets to various shows. So next wednesday I get to see "Cats." I've never wanted to see "Cats," but for free, I'll go. Yes, I am lame.

Also, in sadder news, Kostya probably won't move down to SF until the wedding. If he moved to work down here, he'd have to get a work permit, which would require us getting married, and getting married twice doesn't quite appeal to either of us. So he's going to stay in Humboldt and make some extra funds doing yard work and stuff. Bums me the hell out. But such is life I guess.

Anyways, that was the latest news from Aliceton, so yay. Oh, and things are getting even crazier in the Danish/muslim fights.

Iranians rename Danish pastries

Can I just say Oy?

Okay, so a lot has been said about execution showing how backwards the U.S. is as we're one of the only developed nations with the death penalty still in place. So I go to, and here are two of the headlines I found:

22 Year Old Man in Jail for Sex With 14 Year Old Bride

37 Year Old Woman Pregnant by 15 Year Old Husband

Okay, so this happened in Nebraska and Georgia, respectively. Is anyone else alarmed by the Red States?

Hee hee.

Dec. 8th, 2005 09:34 pm
Oh my god. This story title made me laugh. I don't know why...
Iranian president calls for Israel to be moved to Europe.

Okay, I know that its true, George Bush is busy, but considering how many vacations days he has taken... Besides, the head of the American Government missing out on his civic duty? Bit ironic, that.

George Bush and Jury Duty

Erin flew in from LA area to visit. Made me happy- haven't seen her in over a year. God, we just act so damn dorky. We're cool! *does special person dance.* Somehow, we ended up talking about September 11th at one in the morning today. Wierd.
In other news, talked to Kostya tuesday, said he wanted to talk to me about something, which does make my brain take off in 23 different paranoid directions. Said he'd call me friday, but didn't. But I am trying to keep paranoid/outlandish conspiracy theories to a minimum. School is eating my soul and I want to kill it.
Oh my god. BBC online tells you some scary stuff. Just
don't ever go to Russia to see the squirrels. They'll kill you!

Killer Squirrels
Check out this BBC weblink.

Its scary, and its true. Really fucking scary.

Oh, and I had coffee with Kostya last night.



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