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Earlier this year, the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) did some fundraising for women's shelter and the homeless here in the bay area. Anna, a muslim, and some of her friends and family, went to the even here. The event raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for these charities. So the same event was held in Orange County, and a US congressman and various tea party members decided to protest this even. Here is a link, showing them screaming ignorant drivel and racial epithets at families walking inside, including children.

My friend Carmen really captured my feelings on it, by stating that it reminded her of the way blacks were screamed at when schools were first integrated in the 60s. Apparently, we haven't come far enough.
This story was on the news this morning.  It is just... fucking bizarre and insane.  A man in Oakland was arrested for torturing his ex-girlfriend to death, which he did in his own, at-home torture chamber.  It's just one of those things thats just fucking insane.  And to make it even wierder, the police (who said the chamber was like something out of "Silence of the Lambs,") believe that this man may have killed two others, based upon two bloodstains they found downstairs.
The thing thats even wierder is how incredibly stupid this guy is.  On one hand, he has no criminal history.  But he does have a history of having beaten his ex-girlfriend.  In addition, this guy dropped his severly beaten ex off at a hospital, saying that he found her in a car.  Given the couple's history, the police got a search warrent for psycho-man's house.  

An SF Gate article said: 
There, police found a "very dark and frightening" room. 
"It was frightening even for us," Jones said. "It was kind of like this Silence of the Lambs type setting. It was very weird." 
Jones declined to describe the room or disclose what was found inside. 
Police not only found Lamb's blood in the room but blood from two other apparent victims whom police have not been able to identify. 

So not only was he the last person seen with the woman alive, but they had a dark history.  And after torturing her in his chamber o' doom, he didn't even clean up. 

I wish all criminals were this arrogent/stupid.  It would make the world a much safer place.

Issue the first: 
Former N.J. Gov. Tells Oprah of Affair

Recently, former New Jersey govenor James E. McGreevy filmed an appearance for the Oprah show.  Despite Oprah asking the audience to keep this quiet, two anonymous audience members did blab to reporters.  On one hand, I want to bitch-slap this man for going to have an affair with another man while his wife was in childbirth at the hospital.  That's just no okay.  But the part that really got to me was this:

In the interview, the audience members said Winfrey explores McGreevey's lifelong struggle with his sexuality.

McGreevey recounted going to the library as an adolescent to look up the word "homosexual" in a dictionary. When he found it included terms like "perverse" and "psychiatric disorder," the Irish-Catholic said he quickly learned to repress his feelings, audience members said.

The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from a list of mental disorders in 1973.

It is heartbreaking to see the way that a man was seriously hurt because of the biases of others, and then by extension, his wife and family.    But on the other hand, sometimes it seems like there is still so much for homosexuals to attain.  Stories like this show us how far we've actually come.  

As you may or may not know, Paris Hilton annoys the living hell out of me and I despise her.  So I'm going to chortle at her misfortune now, and act like a bratty teenager.  So you may not want to read the following if you loathe this brat.

EDIT:  I found this article on excite the morning, proving not only that Paris Hilton is an idiot who believes herself to be the center of the universe, but she really is out of touch with the rest of the world.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - For once, Paris Hilton wasn't happy to be the center of attention. Hours after paparazzi swarmed the Hollywood police station where the celebutante was booked for investigation of drunk driving, she told radio host Ryan Seacrest people were making too big a deal out of her arrest.

"Everything I do is blown out of proportion and it really hurts my feelings," said Hilton, who called the incident "nothing."  (WHAT?!  IMMEDIATLY after being pulled over, Mel Gibson was apologizing, having realize 1: he was an idiot, and 2: drinking and driving is a bad thing.  Apparently, in Paris-land, drinking and drivng isn't a big deal.  It's like eating candy, no big deal, even though she could have killed someone).

Los Angeles police officers stopped the 25-year-old socialite early Thursday morning after she was seen driving erratically, said Officer Marjan Mobasser.

The singer, actress, handbag designer and heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune told KIIS-FM's Seacrest she was on an early morning hamburger run when she was stopped.


A friend of an LJ friend recently recieved an email from a gardening company.  This is a link to the letter she recieved and response she wrote.  
The Letter
I actually did leave a comment for CBS, thanking them for including the issues of homosexuality on their network.  So many treat homosexuality as an issue to garner attention for whatever viewpoint they have.  This leads to so many forgetting that this isn't an issue for us to decided: it is an emotional issue between two people.  Its their business, not ours.  Television is supposed to be an entertaining depiction, usually with some basis in the real world.  Homosexuals are real, they exist.  They are a part of this world, why shouldn't they be represented.

Oh, and the funny part (to me) was this guy saying "If homosexuality was the norm, civilization would have ceased to exist thousands of years ago. Procreation takes a man and a woman. "  Hmm... apparently he's never heard that homosexuals are a minority.  Most people are not 100% straight.  Even if they never act on it, most have at least noticed the opposite sex.  Okay, enough preaching.  Please go back to your regularly scheduled... blogging.

I did send a letter to CBS and one to the gardening company.  This is what I wrote to them:

It is the sanctimonious hypocrisy of those like yourself that have driven me away from the religion in which I was raised. I personally feel that all people should be free to pursue love, regardless of sex. Fifty years ago a kiss between two people of different races would have been seen as scandalous, an action worthy of a lynching.

If you stop and consider just how few same-sex relationships are portrayed on network television, you truly have no cause for anger. Most consider sexuality to be on a scale, with few people being perfectly straight or gay. The current percentage of the U.S. population that classifies themselves as homosexual is generally (depending on the poll), around 10-15%, excluding those that consider themselves bisexual.

You seem to feel that this display of love is uncalled for and disgraceful. You know gardening, so stick to gardening. You have every right to speak out about what you believe, but subjecting your customers religious/moral sermons isn’t one of them. Instead, consider the fact that the number of Americans who claim to be Christian decreases each year. It isn’t because of the dogma, but the arrogant words spoken by those like yourself. People like you do more for the gay rights movement than any staged kiss on a t.v. program.

Okay, giving the president the benefit of the doubt, one could say that he has often been too trusting, relying far too much on what his advisers tell him as opposed, instead of actually picking up a newspaper or browsing a news website.  After all the revealed instances in which it has been shown that the President received faulty information, you'd think he'd at least try to keep up on the world around him.  

Bush Surprised at Sudan Briefing

Given the amount of press-coverage recently directed at the Sudan, it is somewhat surprising.  Its been in the papers, on new sites, on the evening news.  And he still has no clue.  This is even more annoying than usual because he has the time. Yes, presidents are typically busy, causing them to be inordinately reliant upon advisors and aides.  But considering how much time he spends at his ranch in Texas, you'd think the man could spare ten minutes to read the fucking news.

In other news, the Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi, is doing a sort of farewell tour of the North America before stepping down from his post.  So George Bush has decided to show him some American culture by taking the foreign head of state to Graceland.

Bush and Koizumi to Visit Graceland

Now, while this makes sense as Koizumi is a Presley fan, doesn't is seem kinda odd to anyone else, or is it just me?
Come to America.  Forget Broadway, our museums, or the Grand Canyon.  We've got Graceland.


Jun. 27th, 2006 09:48 am

Oh my god.  This was a headline on yahoo news.  Oh god...  You HAVE to read this.

Rush Limbaugh Arrested for Drug Fraud

Oh my god.

I tend to shy away from the word "cunt."  It's a harsh word, and like any other word, is simply a word with no other meaning than what we apply to it.  But today I am going to use it in it's most vile, deragatory, and hateful nature.

Because Ann Coulter is a cruel, heartless, piece-of-shit cunt.  I can literally find no other description that does justtice to my loathing towards her in this moment.  

According to an article on Yahoo! news, Ann Coulter referred to 9/11 Widows as "Witches."

The article in essence sums up Coulter's beliefs regarding the widows of september 11th.  Read the following quote"

"I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much," Coulter writes in her book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," published on Tuesday, referring to four women who headed a campaign that resulted in the creation of the September 11 Commission that investigated the hijacked plane attacks.

Coulter wrote that the women were millionaires as a result of compensation settlements and were "reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis."

This loathsome piece of trash continues, stating : "By the way, how do we know their husbands weren't planning to divorce these harpies? Now that their shelf life is dwindling, they'd better hurry up and appear in Playboy."

Asked by Reuters why she made such personal comments, Coulter said by e-mail, "I am tired of victims being used as billboards for untenable liberal political beliefs."

"A lot of Americans have been seething over the inanities of these professional victims for some time," she added.

The article goes on to say that even the New York Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch (who isn't exactly a moderate in his own views) condemned her comments.

I just can't fathom such deep venom and cruelty.  It stuns me that someone could act so heartlessly. She hates for no reason other than they disagree with her.  And I can literally find no other terms to describe her than a worthless, disgusting, cunt.  And even that is no where near strong enough to convey my feelings.  Twenty minutes ago, I though Ann Coulter to be an annoying arch-conservative.  Now I find her to be a loathsome piece of trash, who makes Republicans look bad.

Dear Lord, save me from your psychotic followers. Please.

Dutch Christians Fear Devil's Day

For further reference, see George Bush, who is quoted as defending the Gay Marriage amendment by saying "An amendment to the constitution is necessary because activist courts have left our nation with no other choice."

Hear that sound? That is my soul dying.

Bush Calls for Gay Marriage Ban

According to Yahoo! news, the ban has already been struck down in the Senate. But it still hurts.

In other news, PEOPLE ARE REALLY FUCKING STUPID! Read about these two damn stupid motherfuckers. God, they deserved to die. I feel bad for their famailies, but these idiots were unbelievably idiodic. I, just, I don't have any further words...

College students found dead inside balloon
Okay, I just... this just scared me. On one hand, I'm glad physical violence wasn't involved, but does anyone else think this mother watched too many Jim Carrey movies?

Mother arrested over laxative cookies

I'm just... gobsmacked...

Dumb Ass

May. 9th, 2006 10:01 am
Okay, so while Shasta is discussing international politics and policy, I'm discussing stupid celebrites... Yeah, deep eh?

Anyways, David Blaine. What the fuck? Remaining submerged under water for a week could lead to brain damage and various other problems. He was warned repeatedly.

David Blaine is a Dumb Ass

He was trying to set a record, and he failed. And I mock him. Because all of his "magic" is comprised of publicity stunts. It makes me pine for the antics of David Copperfield, who at least does cool, useful stuff with his magic tricks.

David Copperfield pulls magic trick during mugging
A Kenyan MP, during a debate about a new bill that would increase sentancing and recognition of sex crimes in Kenya, pissed off many women. Just his words irritated me. Read further down the article to see the punishment provision against rapists that was removed. I kind of think they should have left it in.

Kenyan women's anger at MP 'slur'
Kenyan women's rights activists have condemned an MP who told parliament that women usually say "No" to sex, even if they mean "Yes".
*dances* *sings off key*
Girl with the hazel eeeeeeyeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!

I got 6 hours of sleep last nights, four the night before, which isn't a lot for me.
Drove L to class in her car, then drove it back. Didn't crash!!!
Ate toast with jam.
Had two huge fuck-off cups o' coffee.

Now gaze upon the beauty that is my icon and worshop the pouty lips and beauteous bone structure that is James Franco. Mm.... Hotness...
Would it be creepy of me to have an icon of Kostya?

Mmmm... Russia.
Oh, and last night, Shasta and I talked on the phone with our messenger windows were open and looked at icons.
Remember kids, watch out for snake, and yee-haw is not a foreign policy.

And yay Willie Nelson. He did a song for "Brokeback Mountain," and in the wake of its popularity and acceptance, he released a song about gay cowboys, having written it twenty years ago. He kinda rocks.

In other news, I'm not sure whether to be all like "cool," shocked and horrified, or just plain confused. I think I'll be confused.
There is going to be a Batman *obligatory Squee!! for Batman* comic called "Holy Terror," in which Batman faces al-Qaeda.

In other news, we were all pretty happy to hear that South Africa was ahead of the U.S. when it comes to gay rights. Too bad women's rights there aren't as advanced. There, rape is considered to be a taboo subject, and the victems have a harder time there than they do here.

But in other news, I'm still on crack.
But not.
Because Corinna prefers tuna instead of meat. Seriously. She told me.

Oh, and while puttering around on lj, I found this, a saterical study of early American history. It looks at the events in a humorous way, but it highly aware of the traveties committed in this time period. Pretty damn cool.

Saterical History This A-Way
Okay, thats it. I'm going to kill the wedding industry.

"No, sorry, but any cake topper you want will be either disgustingly cutsey or ugly."

"Oh, sorry, but the cake cutting set your mother insists you need will most likely have little flowers or a bible verse."

Coretta Scott King died last week, after continuing her husband's struggle against inequality. However, I noticed an odd discrepancy.
BBC used her death to cite what a great humanitarian she was.
At excite new, well, they referenced the fact that after GW Bush talked, a lot of other speakers spoke out against him, using the beliefs of Mrs. King as a starting point.

While I normally enjoy any situation that taunts George W., I feel saddened. I mean, people were there to pay tribute to her, not bitch at the president. On one hand, I feel that Mrs. King would want people to speak out against injustice, the fact that it was at her funeral just seems rather crass. I don't know. What do you think?

Oh, and today it is 72 degrees in SF. If it continues in SF pattern, it will be 56 tomorrow.
Okay, so my mom is going all crazy excited about my wedding, so she put an wedding announcement in the newspapers. Thats right, all the Siskiyou County newpapers. Anyways, the grammatical errors in the article! It's so sad and soul-hurting. I'm posting it and you don't have to look if you don't want to. God, I am so glad I'm not in that county anymore. Although L keeps calling is Siscoyou County.

Image Hosted by
Okay, so a lot has been said about execution showing how backwards the U.S. is as we're one of the only developed nations with the death penalty still in place. So I go to, and here are two of the headlines I found:

22 Year Old Man in Jail for Sex With 14 Year Old Bride

37 Year Old Woman Pregnant by 15 Year Old Husband

Okay, so this happened in Nebraska and Georgia, respectively. Is anyone else alarmed by the Red States?

Hee hee.

Dec. 8th, 2005 09:34 pm
Oh my god. This story title made me laugh. I don't know why...
Iranian president calls for Israel to be moved to Europe.

The above personality test profile is being sent to you to give you a basic picture of your personality and what you think about you. This test graph provides an overall analysis, but there is a lot more to be said about this graph and your personality which can be given to you at no charge by our professional test evaluators at your nearest Church of Scientology testing center. Find out all the details about your personality, and what can be done to raise the different points on your personality test graph. Something can be done to change conditions in life.

Go to:

Church of Scientology Mission of Riverpark

What a load of shit.
Thank you and good night.



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