So, last weekend was Pride weekend.  I celebrated... a birthday.  Because of Pride, the city's tranist was INSANE.  But I had a good time, drank too much, and spent Sunday recovering.

But that is not why I post.

I post to thank [ profile] serialbathera for the awesome Little Mermaid statue icons she made.  The Little Mermaid sits in Copenhagen Harbor, and her face is so beautifully sad.

I post to rec some freaking awesome songs.

See below the cut for awesomeness!!!!

Awesomeness )

Anywho, it doth approach midnight, so I'ma head to bed.  Night my lovies!!!!

So, I don't rec fics.  I have rec lists in my memories, but I don't do recs.  But I came across a fic that many of my f-listers might not stumble across, so I wanted to share.

If you like Supernatural, Leverage, or Torchwood, you might want to read this fic.

"How Ianto Jones Quits His Job and Decides to Take Over the World (Without the Help of a Kangaroo Army).

This crack of the highest caliber.  The primary pairing is Dean/Ianto/Hardison, with references to Jack/Ianto, Dean/Castiel, and Parker/Hardison.

But the crack!  Good Lord!

Warning: fic includes non-graphic references to sex, hacking, creating super-awesome fake I.D.'s, Dean's fear of Picasso, tea with whiskey, Sam being a geek, Dean trying to kill Jack, Ianto trying to kill Castiel, mockery of the Welsh, Parker giving her version of the "if you hurt him, I'll kill you" speech, and references to world conquest and kangaroo armies.

If you are intrigued by any of these fandoms, I suggest readings.  It's cracky good times.



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