So, last weekend was Pride weekend.  I celebrated... a birthday.  Because of Pride, the city's tranist was INSANE.  But I had a good time, drank too much, and spent Sunday recovering.

But that is not why I post.

I post to thank [ profile] serialbathera for the awesome Little Mermaid statue icons she made.  The Little Mermaid sits in Copenhagen Harbor, and her face is so beautifully sad.

I post to rec some freaking awesome songs.

See below the cut for awesomeness!!!!

Awesomeness )

Anywho, it doth approach midnight, so I'ma head to bed.  Night my lovies!!!!
Okay, I was listening to online radio at work, and the song "Tiny Dancer" started playing.

I automatically started giggling because I didn't know the right words to this song until I was 21.

Originally, I thought the lyrics were

"...Lay me down in sheets of LEATHER"

as opposed to

"...Lay me down in sheets of LINEN,"

which makes MUCH more sense.

So my question to my f-list is this: what song have you listened to repeatedly and then discovered that your knowledge of the lyrics was WAY off?

I've already shown mine *blushes*
Sometimes, in an attempt to gain sympathy for a cause, images of death and deprivation are shown. Green Day did a cover of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" for an album as a part of Amnesty International's campaign to save Dafur.

What's different about this video is it's chillingly stark nature, filmed in black and white. It doesn't show images of Dafur, but shows clips of survivors talking about what they survived. Just looking at people saying "My father was killed in front of me" with a dead, accepting look just... it killed me. I started crying, which I don't do often. Here's the link.

Okay, so whilst tooling around YouTube (because that sight if fucking addicting), I randomly came across this musician called Jay Brannan, who is really great. All of his songs/videos on YouTube are acoustic, and he considers himself a folk musician. But if you like music that can be mellow, introspective, and low key, check him out.

But as a warning, on some of the other video's he posts, he does talk a bit before he sings, but I think his ramblings are cute.



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