So, you'll have to be a fan of Hitchcock movies, particularly Vertigo with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak to get my nerdy joy about this.

There was a song called "Flagpole Sitta" that came out when I was in high school.  At work, I listen to internet radio I heard this song again and decided to buy a used copy, as there are no more new pressings done.  Anyways, I pop it in to listen to it, and the first song that comes on is called "Carlotta Valdez."  I just... the geektastic joy I get from this overwhelms me.

Oh, and one of coworkers, Chris, is a major Hitchcock fan, especially of Vertigo (perhaps because the film takes place in San Francisco), but when I told him, he almost had a nerd-gasm.

So here are the lyrics, and I hope you fellow Hitchcock fans get a kick out of it too.

Carlotta Valdez by Harvey Danger )
I just watched a trailer for a new zombie film, called "Fido."  It's funny and bizarre, but it's just... wow.  Words can't fully explain the shocking awe of it.  It's about a world where zombies have been turned into domestic workers. 

Then there is a film called "Joshua," about a young boy whose parents have a second child, causing the mini-genius to get all "Silence of the Lambs."  It actually looks pretty damn freaky.

Then there is this film called "Paris, Je T'Aime," which contains 18 scenes/vignettes, about the city and falling in love.  Or something.  The thing is, Wes Craven is making one of the film-bits.  So it looks interesting enough that I might see it.  Some of the film makers involved include: Ethan and Joel Coen, Gurinder Chadha (director of "Bride and Prejudice" and "Bend it Like Beckham), Sylvain Chomet (director of "The Illusionist" and "The Triplets of Belleville"),  Wes Craven, Alfonso Cuaron (director of "Y Tu Mama Tambien"), Gerard Depardieu, Richard LaGravenese (director of "The Horse Whisperer," "The Bridges of Madison County," which I didn't like, but he wrote "The Ref," which stars Denis Leary, which I did like), Alexander Payne (writer/director of "Election," "About Schmidt," and "Sideways"), Tom Tykwer ( director of "Run, Lola, Run"), and Gus Van Sant.  Actors include Marianne Faithfull, Gaspard Ulliel, Steve Buscemi, Miranda Richardson, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Nick Nolte, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Bob Hoskins, Elijah Wood, Emily Mortimer, Rufus Sewell, Natalie Portman, Gerard Depardieu, and Gena Rowlands.

It's a lot of people, quite varied, so I'm thinking it'll be more like "Cigarettes and Coffee," which had a few segments that were great, while many sucked.

And Danish Lars Von Trier, the director of such dark, intense, and serious films like "Dogville," "Manderlay," and "Dancer in the Dark," has a new film out.  But this one is a COMEDY!  The description of "The Boss of it All," reads: "The owner of an IT firm wants to sell up. The trouble is that when he started his firm he invented a nonexistent company president to hide behind when unpopular steps needed taking. When potential purchasers insist on negotiating with the "Boss" face to face the owner has to take on a failed actor to play the part. The actor suddenly discovers he is a pawn in a game that goes on to sorely test his (lack of) moral fibre."  It's Danish, so I've got to represent the DK.

But to get serious, there is a movie called "Peirrepoint: the Last Hangman," about a normal Englishman who became a hangman who executed many of the convicted Nazis after World War II, making him a minor celebrity before being turned into a figure of ridicule when Europe began criticizing capital punishment.  It looks to be not a happy film, but seems pretty intriguing and provoking.

So that's Alice's movie round up.  Peace out, don't let the man get you down.  Watch out for snakes.  Beware the ides of March.

Okay, so I guess sometimes PBS shows short films by new film makers, and last night, I caught this one. It's so odd and quirky, only about 10 minutes long. And it explains that the current problems with love and relationships are due to cupid being an alcoholic. I loved it, so I found it online, and just wanted to share it with you all.


Mar. 9th, 2007 11:38 pm
I was just browsing around the trailers on the apple site, and I came across this trailer.  I just- this may be one of the best movies ever made, or else a strange ode to... human/sheep relations.
Just... watch the trailer.  Because I currently have no words other than what the fuck?

Black Sheep

And in other news, the trailer for Hot Fuzz is online!  It's the movie from the guys who made Shaun of the Dead, which I hearted.

Now this movie looks like it'll be pretty schmaltzy in the end, but it's called Tortilla Heaven, and is about a guy who makes a Jesus!tortilla.  It's Jesus, on the tortilla!

There's the movie Penelope, a sort of live action fairy tale about a girl born with a pig nose, starring Christina Ricci, Catherine O'Hara and Peter Dinklage. It looks odd and cute, so I'll probably see it.


Mar. 15th, 2006 06:54 pm
So, I saw a new film trailer today.

Looks like the wierdest damn think I've ever seen, which is plausible given that Bjork is in the film. Just... what the hell?

Drawing Restraint 9


Jan. 26th, 2006 11:39 pm
Okay, so I found this trailer online, and I thought you guys, esp. Shasta, might find it interesting.
Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

Holy Crap!

Jan. 21st, 2006 03:04 pm
Bethany, its the extra-gooey "Sliter" Trailer.
Peeps, don't watch this if squishy slime grosses you out.
Peace out!

OH MY GOD, BETHANY! A remake of "The Hills Have Eyes"!!!

It looks horrifying. I don't know if I can watch it. I'm scared...



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