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Earlier this year, the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) did some fundraising for women's shelter and the homeless here in the bay area. Anna, a muslim, and some of her friends and family, went to the even here. The event raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for these charities. So the same event was held in Orange County, and a US congressman and various tea party members decided to protest this even. Here is a link, showing them screaming ignorant drivel and racial epithets at families walking inside, including children.

My friend Carmen really captured my feelings on it, by stating that it reminded her of the way blacks were screamed at when schools were first integrated in the 60s. Apparently, we haven't come far enough.
So there hasn't been too much going on lately.  My Mom came to visit in July and we had a good time.  We ended up seeing a couple of movies, so ya know, good times.

I has been cold as fuck in San Francisco, which I love.  Seriously, late fall temperatures in summer give me THE JOY.  Last week it hit almost 80 for two days, and it was horrible.  Luckily, the weather again went cold.  So Yay.  Of course, during Labor Day weekend I'll be in Sacramento for my friend's birthday.  So of course it will be deathly hot, which will kill me.  But that's what you do for friends.

Oh, and my muse has completely buggered off.

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In random news, this is a link showing that super hot Rolling Stone "True Blood" cover, but without Sookie.  I support this image more, as well as photoshop because there are not enough hot gay vampires on tv.

Also, these tee shirt slogans give me the fucking joy. THE JOY.  Because while I don't agree with people who think that taxes only ruin the world and that anything that supports the poor is commie socialism, they have the right to their own opinion.  But rampent ingnorance really pisses me off.

So, I started reading Joe Flanigan's twitter account (as well as David Hewlett's; his parenting stories are hilarious and he's just awesome), and Joe answered some fan questions. The best one was "Q: if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset?"

His answer: "A: Ronin and I steal a puddle jumper, pack it with beer, duct tape McKay in the back (tech support) and set up a new series: WraithHunter.  Or should I say "Wraith-Busters""

I am amused that he misspelled Ronon's name. *snickers*

Joe and David, their tweets are what I would except from John and Rodney if they were actors.  Just awesome.

Also, I'm in love with this series on youtube: Sassy Gay Friend.  It takes a look at what would have happened if Ophelia, Juliet and Desdemona had had a sassy gay friend.  Hilarious. 
Well, I haven't written in over six weeks.  In that time, I have:

-Gotten made near poor by the government;

-Seen Conan O'Brien live;

-Went clubbing in Sacramento's gay district (Lavender Heights);


-Mourned the death of my surrogate grandfather;

-Visited my Aunt; and,

-Babysat my cousin's kids.

So yeah, not a great time, but here's the basics.

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Fun Times

Jan. 27th, 2010 09:06 pm
So the Edwardian Ball was freaking AWESOME!  There were people there dressed in steam punk, goth, full out Victorian gear, just so many different looks.

So much fun!

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Dec. 22nd, 2009 05:38 pm
Soo... yeah.  I will not be posting the gift fics I've written because I want to finish them all first.  So I'll be posting them likely at the end of the month or early January as I'm going to visit the fam tonight, which many of you know means no real internet.  I'll be able to check my email, but that's really it.

So in actuality, I'm celebrating Orthodox Christmas, which is celebrated on January 7th.  *coughs*

Really, it was a religious-centered choice.  Not because I was a bit of a slacker and thus am only half-done.  *coughs*
Why brain? 

Why do you wake at 3:30 in the morning?



EDIT:  Okay, so I'm at work and tired, but I'm happy.  Robert, this really cool security guard who always smiles and says "hi" and makes my day has been out for several months due to health issues.  But he's back!  I got a hug and a big smile and I'm so happy he's doing better.

It's amazing the effect friends can have on a rotten day.

*looks at all of you*


Sep. 9th, 2009 06:48 am

Waking up at 5:00 after not falling asleep until 1:00 is not cool.

That is all.

Oye. Just oye. 

So, Suki and Kitty went to a screening of the season 2 premiere of "Merlin" in London.  After reading their descriptions (including Colin Morgan aka Merlin's reference to fans of the RPS) and seeing the pictures, I of course went to IMDB to *cough* read about them so I could appreciate their acting skills and poise.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

Anyhow, I've decided that I may like slash a bit too much, because everything I read goes through my mental Slashitron 2000 and seems deliciously dirty.

Case in point:  the first trivia fact shown on Colin Morgan's IMDB page is "He is a vegetarian."

My immediate response, without any forethought or pondering?

"Yeah, but he still eats meat."

I am a bad, dirty person.  But I can't find it in myself to be ashamed.  Just really amused and pleased.  Though I am blushing at my desk.


It hurt.  It really hurt, but I turned out nice and I likes it.

Our Tattoes

And that's pretty much all that's happening in my life.

I know, my life, it is, how you say, exciting.

Though my bosses did threaten to fire me.

But I don't wanna talk about that.


EDIT: My bosses think I'm not doing well enough, that I should be perfect as a secretary, not still learning. So, shocking Anna, the lady that trained me, they gave me 90 days to get better or get fired.

Meh. It won't happen, but yeah, major downer.

I kinda don't want to talk about it, but it is a major occurrence in my life recently. It just sucks and I was freaked out for a week, but I'm feeling better about it. But it turns out the there was stuff said about my performance that wasn't true, but cast me in a bad light.

*sings... badly*

I will survive!

*runs in circle*

I don't know if you know this, but there's a new show of the SyFy channel (previously SciFi and seriously, why the fuck did they change the name?!  I mean, honestly, that's just... stupid and lame!) called Warehouse 13, which is okay and kinda fun.  Anywho, Joe Flannigan will be on the next episode!


They were showing a teaser for next week, and I saw a dark head and hear the voice *squees and claps*

So if like me you miss seeing our darling John Shep- er, I mean, Joe, because John is fictional, be prepared to see Joe next Tuesday, August 4.

I'm so happy.

In unrelated Alice news, Jensen Ackles made an unscheduled appearance in my dreams last night.  He was clothed and there was not sexy fun, but still.  His prettyness made my night and day brighter.

Hot damn I loves me the caffine!  Oh, so beautiful.  I suspect  coffee is made of angel tears. 

Angel tears and crack.  Mmm... crack.

Yeah, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm really jacked on caffine.  No sleep plus much caffine makes Alice something something.

But yay for free food. 

As a legal secretary, I, along with my fellow secretaries, frequently use one deposition service.  And we've used them quite a bit lately, so we've been getting tasty, FREE baked good.  Mini fancy quiches (that's right, fancier quiches than usual), pastries, and muffins.   Mmm... free.

I like free things, can you tell?

Also, I share things of awesomness. 

I had a good time at home and got nice and recharged.  My mom will be coming to the city some time this summer and for her birthday, we'll get tattoos together.  She's not 100% certain as to her design, but I've opted for two tattooos, one on each foot.  One will display kudzu ivy, while the other would have several orchid blossoms.  It's how I roll.  When I'm not sleeping.

In work related news, I posted an entry in March, in which I bitched about coworkers.  Senora gassy's last day is tomorrow (huzzah!) and the super dumb receptionist was fired, and the replacement is awesome and gets all my strange, weird, bizarre jokes.  He's a good kid.

Of interest, if you ever visit the website, the author occasionally displays images of interest.

I found these series of photos to be quite intriguing.

THIS set depicts classic Disney princesses in modern situations, though my personal favorites are Jasmine, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

THIS set depict childhood fears.  Warning: these images are somewhat disturbing.  Also, very image heavy, may cause your computer to pause for a few seconds.

THIS is a BBC article about a lady who got in trouble for being too noisy during sex.  BBC, on one hand, I love you for posting this, but on the other, really?  There wasn't something more important to cover?

And THIS is a movie trailer for the film "Zombieland," which is a humorous look at what will happen after the zombie apocalypse.  Contains an old lady killing a zombie with a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner gag, Woody Harrelson being Woody Harrelson, and people maintaining a semblance of decorum by using hand sanitizer after dispatching the undead.  It is a combination guaranteed to make me at least rent the film.  *nods*

Soooo... that's about it.  Peace out, my peeps.

Who Me?

Mar. 26th, 2009 08:43 pm
My new coworkers are driving me mad.

One of them is a temp for a secretary who is on maternity leave.  The temp is older and constantly asked strange, kinda dumb questions.  Frequently.

And she's gassy.  Really freaking, loudly gassy.  Its just... loud, and frequent, and she doesn't seem to care where she is.  I mean, talking to me, by my desk, walking through the office.  I just....  So I just....  I don't say anything, because I suspect she doesn't have much control.  And because she always has good chocolate on her desk.  Mmm... chocolate.


The other annoying one is an airhead receptionist.  She's dumb and needy.  I want her to die. She doesn't seem to remember anything longer than a day.

And I'm ready to cut the deposition service we use.  They make stupid mistakes, but are so widespread that you kind of have to use them.

But all in all, things are good.  Kostya and I are well, and Olga's blood pressure is under control.

Yes I know, my life, its thrilling.

So that's the that.

So, my exile from the internets has ended.

Am currently trying to slog my way through a 4 month backlog of fic. 

I have missed you all dearly.

I'm also freaking obsessed with the song "Funplex" at the B-52s.  It sounds like pretty much all their stuff, but its fun and catch, and is about hijinks at a mall when you're on diet pills.  Good times.

I now return to my regularly scheduled work.
So, I have a kitty.
His name is Kiki, which is weird, but whatever.

My not at all harrowing tale of searching is under the cut.

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So far, he is a very sweet and calm, relaxed cat. Even if he does have a wimpy name. I'm thinking of changing it to something with a "kee" sound, like Kyril, or Loki, the God of Cat Mischief.

Only problem is that Kiki if freaking HUGE. He's a normal sized cat, but he's fat! Which makes me sad because cat's bodies aren't meant to carry too much weight. He looks beyond pregnant. Poor kitty. He's got to go on a diet.

So now I give you pictures of my baby!

Pictures! )

Alls I know is that if I'm this annoying about a cat, I'm going to be really annoying once I adopt kids.

I stole this from [ profile] bumpkin_is

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, stalking over the freeway! It is Vinniebatman, hands clutching a thorned whip! She screams apocalyptically:

"I'm going to beat you past the point of no return!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

However, I also did the meme for my other journal, and this was the result.

It amuses me greatly...

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Striding across the steppes, attacking with a vorpal blade, cometh Batmanvinnie! And she gives a bloodthirsty grunt:

"I'm going to fuck you into a fine spicy powder, and hijack your momma's airplane!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

'Cuz ya know, you always need a battle cry.

In other news, Kostya and I are going to get a kitty.

More details to come.
So today is my birthday, and I've discovered something:

today is also the birthday of Pope Benedict XVI. 

Not sure how I feel about that.

Although on Saturday past, I did go out and party for L's birthday at this place called the Bubble Lounge.  It was good times, but damn expensive.

My wallet still weeps.

In other news, I have a ticket to Eddie Izzard in July.

Also, I was recently introduced to "Metalocalypse" and have a chance to see them play this summer, though I'm not sure if I will.

I'm going to go drink coffee now.

Oh, and work. 
Um, so, apparently I still don't know how to dress myself.
I don't speak regarding my fashion sense (do clunky, comfy shoes and faded slacks = business casual? Must inquire...), but my ability to physically clothe myself.
So, I own four shirts (not total) of the same basic design: a thin, light shell of fabric, with a thin tanktop with adjustable straps. The straps are attatched to the shoulders of the shirt.
I think that, in theory, this is so that a) you never lose the pieces, and b) to ensure that it is worn correctly.
However, none of these shirts bear the warning "dry clean only," meaning I wash them in the washing machine, then hang them to dry.
Therefore, due to the frantic spinning and swishing of the washer, the shirt turns inside out, through a sleeve and inside the collar.
This morning I spent two minutes getting dressed because I was running late. Morning is lame, I hate it, so I avoid getting up until I end up rushing around.
So when I got to work, I noticed my shirt felt strange. I looked in to see that my tank was facing the wrong way, meaning that the low back of the tank top was sitting under my bra.
The overshirt isn't very revealing and is fairly dark in the front, so no big deal.

But as today wore on, it became increasingly frustrating. So I went in to the bathroom and stood inside the large bathroom stall, attempting to make sure that both shirts were right side out, facing found. I didn't work. For fifteen minutes I stood in that stall, cursing and struggling with my nemisis. Then Tana, one of the younger ladies here, came in and got worried, asking if I was okay. I explained it to her and she started laughing at me. Finally, I asked her to get me a pair of scissors, although now I do wish I'd commanded her with words like "Wench, fetch me some scissors!" Because that is how I roll.

So, in the end, as Tana stood in the bathroom laughing at me, I stood wearing the tank top, the other shirt hanging off while I cut the threads connecting the two shirts.

All in all, the war lasted fifteen to twenty minutes, and I lost the battle, but I won the war.

Stupid shirts...

And I pity you if you actually subjected yourself to all this dribble. I should delete this entry, yet I find myself amused at my idiotic complaints...
I'm all jittery.  Probably because I've had three cups of coffee, am working on a fourth, while simultaneously sipping a diet coke.  I love caffeine, though she is a cruel mistress. 

::Starts bouncing and singing "Cruel Mistress" by Flogging Molly::

Also fell kinda nauseous.

In other news (meaning what I started writing this entry to address), I now have a GJ and IJ.  My name on both is vinniebatman, because I am tres creative.  I've heard some mumbling about journalfen.  Any thoughts on this unknown journal to share?

I recently bit a painfully conspicuous part of my mouth, and have bitten it again several times.  Stupid mouth.

I'm going to go now and act spazzy to the lawyers; it amuses them.

Oh!  And I have boxes to move!  

Times for the Box Dance!

It's like musical chairs, only I move boxes from room to room without music.  And it isn't very fun.
LJ is scaring me again.  I don't think anything I've written would be considered bad by them, but it still freaks me out.
So, on the chance that they delete my friends, please let me know if you have an Insane Journal or Greatest Journal account, and if so, what the name is.
I'd like to keep up on where my friends are at.



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