Fun Times

Jan. 27th, 2010 09:06 pm
So the Edwardian Ball was freaking AWESOME!  There were people there dressed in steam punk, goth, full out Victorian gear, just so many different looks.

So much fun!

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So, a couple months ago, I posted an entry that was linked to two different sets of images.  One was a freaky-ass photographic depiction of childhood fears, and the other was a set of photographs depicting Disney princesses dealing with modern issues.

Well,this set of images is way freaking creepier and  In a dark twisted sense.

They're a dark take on all of the traditional Disney princesses.  And they're damn freaky.

So gogogo, look and be amazed and alarmed! 

Hot damn I loves me the caffine!  Oh, so beautiful.  I suspect  coffee is made of angel tears. 

Angel tears and crack.  Mmm... crack.

Yeah, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm really jacked on caffine.  No sleep plus much caffine makes Alice something something.

But yay for free food. 

As a legal secretary, I, along with my fellow secretaries, frequently use one deposition service.  And we've used them quite a bit lately, so we've been getting tasty, FREE baked good.  Mini fancy quiches (that's right, fancier quiches than usual), pastries, and muffins.   Mmm... free.

I like free things, can you tell?

Also, I share things of awesomness. 

I had a good time at home and got nice and recharged.  My mom will be coming to the city some time this summer and for her birthday, we'll get tattoos together.  She's not 100% certain as to her design, but I've opted for two tattooos, one on each foot.  One will display kudzu ivy, while the other would have several orchid blossoms.  It's how I roll.  When I'm not sleeping.

In work related news, I posted an entry in March, in which I bitched about coworkers.  Senora gassy's last day is tomorrow (huzzah!) and the super dumb receptionist was fired, and the replacement is awesome and gets all my strange, weird, bizarre jokes.  He's a good kid.

Of interest, if you ever visit the website, the author occasionally displays images of interest.

I found these series of photos to be quite intriguing.

THIS set depicts classic Disney princesses in modern situations, though my personal favorites are Jasmine, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

THIS set depict childhood fears.  Warning: these images are somewhat disturbing.  Also, very image heavy, may cause your computer to pause for a few seconds.

THIS is a BBC article about a lady who got in trouble for being too noisy during sex.  BBC, on one hand, I love you for posting this, but on the other, really?  There wasn't something more important to cover?

And THIS is a movie trailer for the film "Zombieland," which is a humorous look at what will happen after the zombie apocalypse.  Contains an old lady killing a zombie with a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner gag, Woody Harrelson being Woody Harrelson, and people maintaining a semblance of decorum by using hand sanitizer after dispatching the undead.  It is a combination guaranteed to make me at least rent the film.  *nods*

Soooo... that's about it.  Peace out, my peeps.



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