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Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:California, United States of America
Hi, I'm Alice, a 28 year old from San Francisco. In June 2006 I got married to a handsome Russian. I write fanfic, though I'm dreadful when it comes to updating. My posting rates wax and wane depending on my real life and my Muse. However, I do try, and I do have plans to finish every story I start, even if it kills me. If a story is going to end because I've lost inspiration, I promise, I will tell you all, an probably post a spoiler about where it was headed.


I'm flattered that you might friend me, but if you a) haven't commented on my journal and b) haven't posted a real entry since 2006, I won't friend you back. It's how I roll. Also, don't be mad if you are not one of either of the above cases but I haven't friended you since you friended me three months ago. I don't check that often, so... ya know. *shrugs* I promise to get around to it. *grins*

I change my layouts often and use varying resources, primarily:

[info]thefulcrum, [info]paintedlayouts, and [info]premade_ljs.

My current layout is by:

Also, my mood theme is by [info]emiliglia. Gasp at it's awesomeness!

And HOLY CRAP, I won an award!

COA Award

I also came in as a runner up in the Fang Fetish awards for my first Fem Slash Piece, "The Education of Dawn."

Runner Up Award for Fan Fetish Awards

In a plug for worthwhile causes, I support the following charities and if you'd like to, I'd suggest supporting them as well:, which helps support children all over the world with food, education and basic medical care.

Also, I support Amnesty International, which fights for human rights (including LGBT) in countries around the world.

Interests (150):

alternative, amnesty international, angry white boy rock, ats, b movies, bands, bessie smith, billie holiday, blackmore's night, blim, blood ties, bluegrass, blues, breaking benjamin, btvs, casey/zeke, celtic, charlie patton, chicago jazz, chocolate covered pretzels, chris isaak, classical, clone high, coffee, cool jazz, criminal minds, csi, damien rice, danish films, dave brubeck quartet, dean winchester, denmark, doggies, dogs, dr. who, due south, eddie izzard, egeskov slot, ella fitzgerald, empire magazine, family guy, fan fic, fanfiction, films, firefly, foamy, foreign films, fraser/rayk, free speech, gajol, gay rights, georg jensen, gin blossoms, green day, hard bop, harridslevgaard slot, heavy metal, henry/mike, horror films, hot guys, house, human rights, indie films, indie music, jared padelecki, jay brannan, jazz, jd/cox, jensen ackles, jim/blair, jimmy eat world, john coltrane, jon stewart, joshua radin, kashmir, kate rusby, kevin smith, langeland, leverage, lewis black, linkin park, lit, mal/simon, margot nuclear so sos, mccoy/chekov, mccoy/kirk, mcshep, medieval baebes, metal, monster movies, monty python, movies, mst3k, music, ncis, nick frost, nina simone, ninjas, nirvana, obadiah parker, office space, office supplies, olsen banden, pan's labyrinth, political comedy, psychology, puppies, ralphie may, reading, red hot chili peppers, reiko, robot chicken, rock, ronon dex, salad fingers, sam winchester, san francisco, scarling, scrubs, sealab 2021, serenity, sga, shinedown, simon pegg, simon/jayne, skovgaard gods, slash, snl, spander, spike, spike/xander, spn, star trek, star trek xi, stargate:atlantis, strong bad, strongbad, supernatural, the office, the sentinel, theatre,, torchwood, tranekær slot, trapt, using electric staplers, valdemars slot, wikipedia, writing, youtube
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