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Title: O, This Modern Age
Author: vinniebatman aka batmanvinnie
Fandom: Star Trek 2009 AU
Pairings: Kirk/McCoy
Rating/Warnings: Teen for implications of sex, cursing.
Summary: Someday, Jim Kirk will be his.
Spoilers: AU, so no spoilers for the film.
Disclaimer: I so totally own these works. Bow Down! *Doctor's Note: Patient exhibits delusions of grandeur and any claims of ownership toward Star Trek are pure fantasy. No harm is meant. Seriously, it's better than her throwing rocks at people.*
Real Disclaimer: I make no money from this, and claim no ownership over the to any of the copyrighted materials of "Star Trek" in any of its incarnation. These works belong to their creators.
Author's Note: I actually wrote as a comment fic for Jim_Bones, inspired by these pics, but it grew. A lot.

As he moved through the studio lot, Leonard once again reflected on the fact that he loved Hollywood, and he loved, fucking loved this modern world.

Most of the elders lamented the changing times, the loss of chivalry, the changing social mores, the changing fashions, blah blah blah.... But Leonard knew better.

Getting blood had never been easier; blood banks and research facilities were everywhere, so it was easy for the Vampire Council to open "research centers" that paid for blood. And "Twilight"? He hadn't seen it, but thanks to that sack of schlock, dreamy eyed teens and adults were practically salivating to get into the private rooms at Council clubs for the chance to bare their throats. Most of them thought they were role playing, not realizing that the people biting them were really drinking their blood and not just leaving a bite mark. LA was so large and so full of idiots and freaks that they could open several clubs and still have plenty of donors.

200 years ago, they had to hide their eyes. But now, idiots wore sunglasses all the damn time, which was a good option if they didn't want to wear colored contacts. And hell, if they wanted to fore-go the sunglasses, people might give the gold eyes a double take but they'd immediately conclude they were contacts. God bless the prevalence of freaks. But the best thing about Hollywood was the fact that it was the center of the film industry, giving Leonard plenty of chances to get close to him. As an added perk, hanging around film lots gave him a chance to pull some old clothing favorites out of storage. Today, he was wearing a battered, old black hat he'd had since LA was still a part of Mexico, and a duster he'd bought in the 30's. Currently, the studio was shooting a couple of Westerns (well, one Western TV movie, and a Western movie with fucking aliens, but he wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth), on the same studio lot where Jim "I'm the Biggest Damn Star in the World" Kirk was making a movie. All he had to do was get past security (a laughably easy task) and he was free to just watch him.

The first time he'd seen Kirk in person had been at a Council club. The Council worked hard to keep a good, profitable cover business. The clubs were popular with everyone, not just the goths or fang whores. Leonard worked at the one on the Sunset Strip, keeping an eye on the vampires and making sure they knew the rules. Then Jim Kirk had walked in with his "entourage", immediately becoming the center of attention. Leonard had immediately dismissed him as an incredibly pretty, but ultimately empty headed celebrity out for a good time. While he may have had a preference for pretty blond boys, Leonard had never much cared for the vapid, empty headed types, even just for sex. But unlike the other celebrities that went to the club, Kirk had mostly stayed with his friends, drinking and joking around, trying to relax. Then, one of his friends had started talking about a subject that drew Kirk's passion. His eyes had brightened, his hands and face becoming animated and engaged. Even from across the crowded, noisy room, he'd eventually picked out Kirk's voice above the din, and Leonard had been able to hear the kid's enthusiasm... for physics. And like that, he'd become very interested in Jim Kirk.

The situation only improved that night. Kirk had only gotten up to dance with a friend a couple of times, but both times he did, men and women flocked to him. And despite what the gossip columns said about Kirk's sex life (Leonard had looked it upon online later that night), that boy had no interest in women. Leonard had gotten close enough to scent the boy, and while his scent had remained sweaty around the women, the second one man had caught his eyes, Kirk's pheromones had practically poured off of him. But Kirk gave no indication of his interest, made no attempts to interact with those men. Once, their eyes had met for a brief second, but that was all. Instead, Jim had kept to his group of friends, had a few more drinks, and left. And that very night, Leonard had started making plans.

He'd always been an impatient man, but capable of being exceedingly patient when the prize was worth it. He hadn't want to pop up too often; Kirk's security would have noticed. But he deserved a treat, a quick breath of the boy's delectable scent. Eventually, Kirk's film called a break and Leonard decided to get closer. He moved across the entrance to the trailers just as Kirk walked past. He hid a smirk when Kirk visibly checked him out, but Leonard just took a deep breath, inhaling that intoxicating scent and kept moving. At least until Kirk grabbed his arm.

"Hey, have we met before?"

Leonard hid his surprise. He'd been watching Kirk for a week, but the kid hadn't seen him; he was certain of it. And if Kirk had somehow notice Leonard watching him, well, then he would have sent his bodyguards. So Kirk had to be referring to the first time Leonard had seen him.

Leonard frowned, pretending to think things over. According to countless friends and targets, he wasn't that bad of actor.

"Maybe," he drawled.

Finally, Leonard ended his period of false contemplation and nodded. "I saw you at Scarlet, that club on Sunset."

Jim's eyes widened as he smiled. "Yeah! I remember you."

Leonard couldn't help it; he had to tease. "Really? Me? Why would you remember me?"

Jim smile faltered before it returned as he swallowed hard, a thread of fear entering his scent. Kid was scared of people know he was gay, apparently. Humans had come a far in their attitudes, but not far enough. Jim's smile firmed up again quickly. "You didn't look like you were there to have fun, or like you were trying to be a vampire."

And hell, if Leonard hadn't already wanted Jim so bad he could taste it, the kid's quick thinking would have done it. "Well, I work there sometimes."

"Ah, that makes sense. You don't look like someone who'd be there of their own free will."

Leonard nodded. If it weren't for the blood or the fact he was being paid to be there, he'd never step foot in a place like that. "Yeah, it's not my style. Too much pandering to the fans of those damn vampire movies."

Jim wrinkled his nose. "Ah, you mean 'Twilight?'"

Leonard rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure if vampires do exist, they don't sparkle," Jim said.

Leonard smiled and extended his hand. "Leonard McCoy."

Jim grinned and shook his hand. "Jim Kirk."

The short silence that followed was quickly interrupted by Jim's growling stomach. He actually blushed. "Well, I gotta eat something before we start shooting again."

"Yeah, that noise just might ruin a shot," Leonard replied, grinning.

Jim laughed, the sound free and easy.

"You - you wanna come in? Get something to eat?"

He could hear Jim's heart pounding, the sticky, sour smell of nervousness pouring off of him, along with a healthy does of lust.

"Sure, why not? Your food can't be worse than the crap in the commissary."

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was official: Leonard didn't know how or when it would happen, but Kirk was going to be his, forever. The kid was gorgeous, always a bonus, but he was sweet, funny, and smart as hell. And god, he smelled so good. It wasn't a quick, easy thing for vampire to start to bind to a human; but once that connection was made, the vampire's senses began to hone in on the human, becoming nearly addicted to them until a long separation became almost painful. Len had eaten the food offered to him; he'd have to throw it up later, but it was a worthy sacrifice for the conversation. Eventually, someone knocked on Jim's trailer, warning him he had ten minutes to return to the set.

"I gotta get going, but this was fun. Leonard." Jim said, snickering.


"Sorry, you just don't look like a 'Leonard,'" Jim explained. "I'll have to find a nickname for you," he said, smiling gently as he stood and stretched. The blue shirt rode up, baring golden, tanned skin that Leonard intended to taste one day. "So, will you be shooting on the lot tomorrow? God, you know, I didn't even ask what movie you were on."

"A Western."

Jim rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I kinda already figured that out, what with the hat. But which one?"

"The alien one."

Jim's eyes widened. "Oh god, that one looks like so much fun! And I actually worked with director on another movie before. I wanted to be in it, but my agent wanted me to do this one instead, you know, show dramatic range and stuff."

Leonard nodded, his mind buzzing. If Jim was friends with the director of the film Leonard was pretending to be in, it wasn't a safe situation. "I'm just an extra. I wrap today."

The light in Jim's eyes dimmed just a bit. "Oh. Well, it was cool talking with you anyways."

Jesus, this kid was careful, too damn careful. Leonard may have been an immortal, but he didn't much care for the kid's glacial pace.

Leonard stood and crowded Jim against the wall. "Feel free to sock me if I'm out of line, Jim."

Jim's pupils were dilated, his pulse thrumming in the silence and the smell of his arousal thick in the air. Leonard pressed their mouths together, relishing Jim's sharp inhalation of surprise. He gently sucked on Jim's top lip before moving back just enough to speak. "So, am I going to get punched?" he asked softly.

Jim let out a shaky breath, and Leonard could taste it, could feel the air of it against his mouth.


Grinning, he kissed Jim again. This time, Jim's fingers dug into Leonard's coat, holding him close. Raising his hand, Leonard gently cupped Jim's head, thumb gently brushing over skin covered with makeup. The kiss deepened, tongues gently brushing and teasing, careful but wanting. A deep, possessive throb of want surged through Leonard; he wanted to take Jim; he wanted to fuck him, make him his and hold on to him for as long as he could. But he couldn't rush this, not if he wanted Jim for more than one fuck. And either way, this wasn't the right time. Eventually, Leonard pulled away. That same possessive need reared it's head at the sight of Jim's slick, swollen mouth. He brushed his thumb over Jim's lower lip, then dropped his had. Jim licked his lips and it took all of Leonard's restraint to step away.

"I'd better let you get back," Leonard rumbled.

Looking down, he grabbed Jim's cellphone from the table and quickly programmed in his own cell number. He then sent a quick text to his own phone, ensuring that if Jim didn't call, Leonard could call him. A kid like Jim would want to be careful, and Leonard had enough time to let Jim get comfortable. But he wouldn't let Jim get away.

"Give me a call some time, Jim."

Jim smiled and nodded. "Okay."

Stepping away, Leonard schooled his face into something apathetic and left the trailer, the sound of Jim Kirk's heartbeat echoing in his ears. For the first time in a long time, Leonard had something to look forward to.

Jim Kirk was his.



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