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So, while skulking about on the interwebs, I have found amusing/horrifying/adorable things that I wanted to share.


This is a joke trailer for a live-action, violent, wierd ass Care Bears Movie.

This is a video of a baby bear who can't stop sneezing.  Sooo cute!

This is a video of a kitty versus it's reflection.  Reflection: 1, Kitty: 0

This is a picutre of a piglet in rain boots.

This is a picture of Ian McKellen being fucking badass.

This is a picture of a baby Fennec.

This is a link to a gif of what appears to be a giggling otter.

This is a picture of the saddest kitty ever.

This is a picture of a tiny animal with HUGE ears.

This is a video of a bunch of very little kitties tripping over each other.

This is a video of what may be the most adorable kitty moment ever.

This is link to MIT's review of the Twilight novels.

This is a link to a French McDonald's commerical featuring an adorble gay teen and his father.

This is a picture of a super adorable wrinkley puppy.

This is a picture of a newborn baby sloth.

This is a video of more adorable slothyness.

This is a video of a turtle riding a vaccum cleaner.

This is a video of William Shatner singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with that Taiwanese guy who sings like Whitney Houston.

This is a trailer for the novel "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

This is a trailer for the novel "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the Prequel."
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